With rapidly promote the medical device business, meanwhile Milliin is proactively exploring the healthcare service business which is targeting CKD diagnosis and treatment.

Milliin Heilongjiang Shengde renal hospital was opened in Haerbin in 2014, mainly focus on dialysis treatment for ESRD patients. The hospital which is one of the highest influential private hospital in the region covering 4000m2, equipped with 156 dialysis monitors. In addition, Dalian Shenghe renal hospital, the second healthcare infrastructure which is invested by Milliin will be opened in 2017. In the future, milliin will continuously develop the healthcare service business, aiming to not only increase the accessibility of ESRD patient through operate renal hospital chain, but also be the initiative to combine medical device with healthcare service as the vertical integration business in dialysis industry.

Heilongjiang Shengde renal hospital is the healthcare infrastructure targeting nephrology diagnosis and dialysis treatment offering, meanwhile with additional comprehensive services, including hormonology, medical laboratory science, medical imageology .etc.

As be the quality-oriented service supplier, the hospital equipped with 150 units of Fresenius dialysis monitors (4008s and 5008), offering various modalities from conventional low flux treatment to premium HDF treatment and hemoperfusion. Except chronic solution, the hospital could also offering acute renal failure treatment such as CRRT.

Our vision is to become "six best" hospital (environment, technology, equipment, quality, service, management). Achieve patients’ health and happiness by serving heart and soul.


Milliin medical product is based on patient and clinic needs, through stable and high quality treatment to improve patient treatment and living quality, decrease total medical expenditure.

Milliin, as the professional manufacture in dialysis industry, will continuously dedicated to develop and offering healthcare solution with highest standard to more and more patients.

Add:No. 190, Hanshui Road, Nangang district, Harbin



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